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Happy new year everyone!

Hello netizens!
This is Page, the page of opendapage. haha.
Anyway, this is my first post since this blog started. So sorry to penda and to you guys, I've been quite busy with "Panimalay" (house chores), helping out in church and entertaining my cousins.

Penda told me to convert this site into a book reviews site. So we'll be posting a lot of our opinions about the books we have read. Our circle of friends, the Girls at the back (GATB), are avid book readers and our opinions about books are quite..opinionated. hahaha.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great 2011 year! I know I had xD despite the calamity that happened to our city in the last month, I'm still thankful for the things God has done in my life. So thank God in happy and sad times. 2012 will be another beautiful year! smile smile people! :D



Christmas Carols.

I still wanna go caroling. Anyone up for it?
Merry Christmas!


i hope everyone had a JOYful Christmas


...because I know I did! My Christmas Eve wasn't very festive, contrary to what we were accustomed too. Instead, we (a few friends, sisters, Penda) went caroling at the last minute. I had a fantastic experience (it was my first time) and recommend it to everybody else. It really helps boost your confidence and best of all, you sing for the Lord, bond with your friends and earn too. It gave me a great deal of self-satisfaction. A neighbor even invited us to sing inside their home! It was very spontaneous, our friends Randy, Arnel and Isaiah came to our house with a guitar and started singing a Christmas song (one that Isaiah was not very good at apparently xD) my mother then supplied us the idea to go caroling, I grabbed my bag and we rushed outside and by the time we started, it was already about nine in the evening. We then camped out to our neighbors and spent the first few hours of Christmas there. I am just so thankful, even while writing this. Jesus is the best gift in the world!

Remember Christmas isn’t for us, it’s for JESUS. And what can we do for Jesus on his birthday? I did what the three wise men did on the day of his birth: worship him. So brothers and sisters in the Lord, let us worship him!

Yeah! My playlist for tonight: (I mixed contemporary, praise and worship. i think i realize that xD)

  • Adonai – Hillsong
  • Jesus Messiah – Christ Tomlin
  • My Help Comes From the Lord – The Museum
  • Indescribable – Laura Story
  • Everything To Me - Avalon
  • All of the Words – Kutless
  • Beautiful Lord – Leeland
  • Desert Song – Hillsong
  • We Are The Reason – Avalon
  • Aftermath – Hillsong


Epic Fail.

Okay so I made a siggy. But it turns out it looks awful with the layout (the color and the size) so I decided to not use it and just post it instead. Yeah, I'm supposed to be packing gifts for tomorrow (CHRISTMAS) but I'm here blogging and procrastinating. I must stop doing this. I hope everyone's having a marvelous Christmas!

Christmas: it's not the day, it's giving LOVE

I would like to make clear what I think Christmas is. Well, it's called Christmas for a reason and not Clausemas or anything of the sort. Second of all, I would like to emphasize that though I don't believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25 almost 20 decades ago--one of the reasons why is because Jesus was a Jew and Jews have 12/13 months corresponding to the 12.4 month solar cycle. That makes everything confusing because right now we're using the Roman Calendar. Plus if you look it up in the bible (in the gospels of Luke and Matthew), it was night time and the shepherds were still tending their sheep. Now, I know it's uncommon for snow to hit Jerusalem but it would still be very cold for them to be tending their sheep.

But if you actually stop and think, well isn't it amazing that a divine immortal actually came down to this world of sinners to save us all from our doom? He gave us a gift--a gift of salvation and eternal life. I choose to imitate him. I want to give to others just like he gave to me. Although I cannot, by all means, give people eternal life, the Lord has blessed me enough in abling me to give what I have abundantly--love, compassion and hope (for the lost). And don't stone me for wanting to celebrate his gift! And because the Philippines generally have no classes during the Christmas season, it is the perfect opportunity to give.

And since I'm just a poor student who has no income of her own, I decided to MAKE gifts! Like Pop-up cards! Yeah, you can go knitting (but I wont since it's perfectly sunny over here).

The other half still missing.

Yeah so its been years... and it's still Penda. Anyway, I thought it'd be a splendid idea to blog today. YAY! So I'm going to tell you about my blogging history. Well, the most recent blog that I owned is this. And Page's blog... I won't even bother posting the link because for some reason, it's become an invite only blog. NOOO! Aside from blogs, I've also managed a forum and a some other websites not so far back.  Yeah. I should get on with the post instead of yammerin' about history, huh?

Okay so I was volunteering yesterday and realized, THERE BE NO PEGGY! Okay, I'm so for being too informal, I actually meant THE PEGGSTER IS GONE WITH THE WIND (ha)! Not that '39 Movie (although that's one of my fave classics--Rhett!), not dead either, no not even the book. I mean she was busy that I had to pack and repack relief goods all by myself (oh the horror!) Fine, fine I didn't really do it all by myself, many able men and women came to my rescue (thank you able men and women!) so we finished sorting everything the other day and distributed the goods yesterday. People were very desperate but we unfortunately couldn’t give everyone in a particular area everything because others might need them too. Saying no to these frantic people is so hard it makes my heart break but we had to think of the bigger picture. Yeah I just would like to take this opportunity to thank people for the support they’ve shown. May the Lord our God bless you according to His riches in heaven! <3

oh yeah, I'm going to post more pictures. Pictures from the Operation Blessing (where I'm volunteering) FB Page.


A Lesson from a victor.

For people who don't know, a flash flood recently hit my city, Cagayan de Oro, and left hundreds of people devastated over their irrecoverables. These include vehicles, houses, furniture, appliances and more importantly, family members. Many of my friends and churchmates were affected by this tragic event. It breaks my heart to witness what is left of all those years of hard labor. But as our pastor puts it, let us not be the victims of this tragedy but rather, the victors. It's really an admirable thing to say since he and his family had suffered greatly under the hand (or eye) of the storm.

*pictures taken by our pastor on the first day of the rescue


the classic WELCOME post

Ok, first of all, welcome everybody! Yeah, I just wanted to say that. Me and page have really been busy these past couple of days. I'm from a city called Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines and a typhoon just recently hit us. (Well, not really us--more like our city) and we haven't been really able to post. But I decided that today (2 hours shy of our church's wednesday service) I MUST POST and welcome all you lovely fellows to our blog *clap clap*

So I am not entirely convinced I should tell you about us (since we love being called mysterious *wink*) but I guess I could tell you a thing or two. Well, this is Penda writing this. My other half (not that kind of half) is called PAGE and if you didn't get the pun of our blogname then UGH. Okay, it's fine if you didn't get it but we thought it was really OHSUM. (well, better than Pending Page or Paging Penda anyway) So we're both Christians from Cagayan de Oro City (it's worth mentioning twice, really) and part of a group of friends called Girls at the Back. We met in high school and are now attending Xavier University (AdCU); I as a Nursing major and Page an English major (but not for long). We're both seventeen and if you're wondering, Page is older. And lastly, we're two of the growing number of youth in our church Blessed Hope Christian Community Church Int'l. Well, I guess that's enough for one day, so I'm going to shut up now... not.

So me and Peggy (yeah, that's what I call Page) decided to make this blog as because we found the need to share our thoughts to the blogiverse or the netty way (or whatever you want to call this digital realm). We both have writing on our favorite past time list and began doing so a couple of years back. Anyway , I'm not nearly done with the layout and we still haven't written our about us paragraphs but I promise you it wont take a while before we actually do so. Meanwhile, I want to thank you for heeding this message and I hope you come back again soon!

Advance Merry Christmas!

--I'm going to get myself a sig.