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Book Review: Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris

Title: Boy Meets Girl
Series: N/A
Author: Joshua Harris
Genre: Marriage & Relationships
My Rate: 4.5/5 ohsum
Published: 2005

School has taken a toll on me and I want basically unable to post for a couple of days. But fear no more, as I am now back with a brand new book (and the blog's brand new look). So I received this book as a gift from Page, Christmas 2010. My relationship ideas were really challenged by it (although I was, and still am, really young.) in a good way. I've never read I Kissed Dating Goodbye or any other Joshua Harris book prior to this but I enjoyed it and got many things from it. I'm really happy to have read this book at this age (I'm seventeen going on eighteen) and plan to read it again in the future to further understand it.

At first I thought that me reading this book would be weird since I'm no where near the age of marriage--not even for the age of romantic relationships (in my opinion). I've never even had anything close to romantic. But I know it can get pretty complicated, my parents' failed marriage is a testimony to that. Because of this book, I was encouraged. And despite this book not being entirely age-appropriate, it really allowed me to embrace my singleness (even when people would think otherwise, as in their minds I'm but a hormonal teenager--not really the case in reality) and look forward to the one God has set for me. Out of all the marriage books for teens out there, this seems to be the most digestible. So I'm more than glad to have finished this read.

I really thank God that I was able to read this book (I can't say that enough). He revealed much to me everytime I flipped a page. This book talks much of glorifying God in marriage and the preparation of such. I really recommend it to my peers who, like me, want to have God-glorifying relationships in the future!

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