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Book Review: Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Title: Wander Dust
Series: The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy
Author: Michelle Warren
Genre: Romance, YA Fiction, Adventure
My Rate: 4.7/5
Published: 11/30/2011

I just got out of the hospital and am supposed to be resting today so I'm not at school. Caught a little virus and was there for four days. THE HORROR. But I kept myself busy by playing Tetris and reading a little. I finished Wander Dust in there too. HOOORRRAY! Read on for the actual review mateys.

CHARACTERS || I like the characters, just not a fan of their names. I mean, Seraphina, seriously? But I think it started to grow on me by the end of the fifth chapter. And I really pity the protagonist. She's so lonely I could cry! (not really) But yeah Bishop and Sam's okay. I hate the third wheel because I hate third wheels in general (but this girl's a whole new different level, I just wanna kick her in the shin). But aside from that, I really admire Sera's strength in controlling her feelings for Bishop. She's not like those hormonal, deluded female leads who are almost the ones jumping the male leads. She's goal-oriented and us girls (even the non-fictional ones) could learn a thing or two from her. As for Max Bishop, typical British hottie. The lady in black, the grungy gang kept me on the edge as I read them at night time. But by the middle of the book, I was a wee bit disappointed for the Lady in black--I really wanted more from her.

WRITING || I love how it's written and how it incorporates Egyptian myths and legends into the plotline. Historical events even. Fun to read, their world isn't that hard to grasp too. The mystery thrilled me. Her making a list of them was, in my opinion, very helpful.

OVERALL || I think it's a pretty interesting book. I've never read anything on time traveling before (I've seen the movie Time Traveler's Wife though, if that counts). The cover is quite attractive, if I may say so myself. I'm going to wait for the second book while I'm crossing my fingers this trilogy won't keep me up for several nights then fail me in the last installment (AHEM, Hunger Games).

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